“excellent as always”

“very knowledgeable”

“one of the most outstanding and dynamic speakers I have known”

“both informative and fun”

“What an incredible teacher!”

“so much practical and useful information”

“I thought I was going to sleep in class. No way!”

“You have truly set the bar for real estate instructors.”

“definitely leaving a lasting impression”

“made what could have been a very long 2 days very interesting and informative”

“never more enjoyable or informative”

“interesting, helpful, and motivating”

“I truly feel my time was well spent”

“thank you for sharing your experience in the real estate business”

“Your MCE class was great!”

“tremendous job of providing the updated information we need”

“A truly great teacher”

“kept my attention all those hours”

“it was a pleasure learning in your class”

“a witty and dynamic teaching style”

“a real gift for teaching others”

“undoubtedly the best, most lively, interesting MCE I have taken in the 16 years I have been a broker”

“It takes a special person to present their material fresh, new, and with a passion”

“one of the best instructors, including nationally known instructors, that I’ve heard”

“kept me so involved that I did not want to miss a second of class”

“I enjoyed every minute”

“I was extremely impressed with the depth of his knowledge and ability to communicate the

“an excellent and fun instructor”

“making the time pass and even wishing for more”

“professional, knowledgeable, thorough, pleasant, witty, and an excellent teacher”

“made a tedious task both educational and entertaining”

“makes the time go by quickly”

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