2021 Continuing Education Requirements

The Continuing Education (CE) requirement stays at 18 hours every two years. This 18 hours must include:

TREC Legal Update 1 (4 hours) is required for all agents.

TREC Legal Update 2 (4 hours) is required for all agents.

NEW! TREC Approved Contracts (3 hours) is required for all agents. Look for any of my courses where the title starts with the word “Contracts”.

NAR Code of Ethics (3 hours) is required every 3 years for all members of the REALTOR Association but may be taken by all agents for CE credit.

Broker Responsibility (6 hours). If you are a broker that sponsored sales agents during your two year license period, or you were the designated broker for a business entity that sponsored sales agents during that same period, or you are a sales agent delegated as a supervisor of other agents for at least three consecutive months during your license period, or the leader or manager of a team or group you must also include in your 18 hours the Broker Responsibility Course (BRC) which is 6 hours. Keep in mind that anyone can take the BRC for elective credit and it is a great course for everyone!

Elective Courses are used to round out the 18 hours.